Company Profile


Haiger India Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in year 2013 with a Mission to provide Customers with the Best of the class Air Conditioning and easy access for after sales service need.

Our Bus Air Conditioner Units are 100% imported from a dedicated manufactures overseas who have an experience of more than 25 years in designing & development of Bus Air Conditioners and successfully produced more than 50,000 Bus Air Conditioner units.

Our Product line has

  • Bus Air Conditioning
  • Interiors of Buses
  • Healthy Life Products
  • Spare Parts
  • Truck Driver Cabin AC
  • Truck Refrigeration

Our Bus Air conditioner product range starts from 12 kw to 50 kw which are suitable for Buses starting from 5 Mtr to 14 Mtr long Buses. The AC Models are widely spread and their cooling capacity would vary with increase in the wheel base of the vehicles.

The after sales service network is also widely spread along with the length & breadth of the country with company owned & dealership operated in major states & cities of the country.

We are also doing Bus Interior wherein the Thrust is on insulation of the vehicle so that the thermal load can be reduced & the Air Conditioners can be more effective in the buses. Our Ducts are designed and made in such a way that the Air Flow should be uniform in the front, middle & rear of the Bus and the Buses should looks more wider from inside. The Dual Tone Interior adds on esthetics of the Bus.

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