Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen Water Bottle

HIAL Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle provides more healthy water for you. It only need 3-5 minutes to produce a bottle of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drinkable. Suitable for home. Office, Travelling, Sports, GYM etc.

Hydrogen is generated in the base of the Bottle by two titanium and platinum electrodes, separated by a high-technology patented membrane.

It is a good antioxidant to reduce the amount of free radicals in your body.

Multiple benefits- Enhances the beauty of your skin! Beneficial for those with diabetes and bronchial asthma! Aids digestion! Improves Sleep! Reduces blood pressure! Delays aging and ensures vitality!

  1. Water free from bacteria, impurities, organic matter or heavy metals.
  2. Nutritious Water – Water with minerals and trace elements in a desired proportion and in the presence of an ionic state.
  3. Improves functions even at the cellular level-boosts the antioxidants defense system to prevent free radical damage.
  4. EASY TO USE: Long Lasting Battery & Easily Chargeable – Can be charged by a computer, power bank or charger with a USB cable (Included).Hydrogen water bottle is portable and lightweight.
Product Name Hydrogen Water Bottle
Dimension 70x70x270mm
Diameter 27mm
Capacity 500ml
Weight 310g
Material Food Grade Plastic



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